Tips for Planting and Growing David Austin Roses

Planting Time:  Container-grown roses can be planted throughout the season,

although extra attention to watering is required in hot spells until roses are well established.

Position:  Select a site with at least 4 hours of direct sun each day.  Generally roses will not flourish where their roots are in competition with the roots of other plants, especially trees and hedges.

Planting Distances:  If you have the space, English roses look superb planted in groups of three or more of one variety.  They will then grow together to form one dense shrub, which will provide a more continuous display and make a more definite statement in the border.  Depending on the varieties and your climate, more groupings can be planted 18-24" apart within the group and 3-4 ft between plants of neighbouring varieties.

Soil Type:  Roses will grow in a wide range of soils, but they do appreciate good soil preparation.  The addition of well rotted manure or compost before planting will help to ensure strong growth.

Planting:  In colder climates (like ours ;-) roses should be planted with the base of their stems 2-3" below ground level.  Water generously until plants are well established.

Feeding, Mulching and Watering:  Feeding, generous mulching and occasional deep watering will help encourage strong growth and more flowers.  Add well rotted manure or garden compost each spring.  The best way to keep roses healthy is to choose disease resistant varieties and grow them as well as  possible.  Excessive Nitrogen can make roses more susceptible to both pests and diseases.

Pruning:  In cooler climates, pruning can be delayed until spring growth is just starting.  On all plants, remove very week, old and woody and dead and diseased stems.  Prune back between 1/3 and 2/3, depending on what height you would like your rose to reach next season.  Each year, remove some of the older stems to encourage fresh, new growth from the base.

Dead-Heading:  This is the removal of spent flowers.  It encourages repeat-flowering and makes for a tidier plant.  Either remove just the dead flower or cut the stems down to the first full leaf.

Video on planting roses