Feature Plants

We always have a great time picking a (very) few plants to feature every week/season/year!!!

Here are a few of our favourite new varieties…


Supertunia® Honey features an incredible ever-changing array of yellow, orange, salmon, and pink blossoms on mounding, well-branched plants. It will grow and bloom vigorously all season long in containers and landscapes, as it doesn’t mind the heat or cool nights.
Sitting pretty in pink, Superbena® Sparkling Ruby bears a plethora of large clusters of light pink blossoms kissed with ruby red centers all summer without deadheading. The flowers completely cover the canopy of dark green, powdery mildew-resistant foliage. Superbena® Sparkling Ruby is easy to mix with other colorful annuals in combination containers and hanging baskets.
To complement the most vibrant reds, fuchsias, and golds in your combination containers, try Lucia® Ultraviolet Lobelia. Its richly saturated royal purple blooms are produced profusely from spring through summer on cascading, well-branched plants. Like others in the Lucia® and Laguna® series, it has shown greater heat tolerance than typical Lobelias, retaining its shape and color over many months.
Calibrachoa ‘Superbells Holy Moly!‘Abundant, small petunia-like flowers all season on cascading growth; low maintenance. Mottled yellow and cherry-red star bi-color blooms.
For masses of much-needed color in spring and fall, try cold tolerant Sunsatia® Blood Orange Nemesia. This cultivar is incredibly vigorous and more heat tolerant than most Nemesias, bearing fiery red-orange blossoms from early spring until frost. Try it in containers or in hanging baskets paired with Anytime™ Pansiolas and Knight™ Lobularias.
The seductive pairing of deep dark foliage and sunset red, semi-double blooms is hard to resist inDahlightful™ Sultry Scarlet. Unlike some Dahlias, the Dahlightful™ series keeps on producing flowers from early through late in the season so you’ll have color longer in the garden. Standing 20-30” tall, they make fantastic thrillers in combination containers and also look great planted en masse in the landscape.
A breakthrough color for Bidens, Campfire™ Fireburst bears rich orange and yellow bicolor blooms on compact plants. It can be used in combination with other medium to high vigor plants such as Supertunia® or grown on its own in hanging baskets and landscapes. This is a high light plant that is heat and drought tolerant once established.
A beautiful addition to our Superbells® Star collection, Evening Star becomes covered in cool lavender blue blossoms, each featuring a perfectly shaped gold star throat and deep blackish purple eye. It doesn’t require deadheading to keep right on blooming all summer long. Try it in your hanging baskets and combination containers too.
Supertunia® Daybreak Charm produces loads of vibrant watermelon pink flowers with a sunshine yellow throat on densely branched plants all summer long without deadheading. Pair it with Superbells® Yellow in a cheerful hanging basket or plant it on its own in your sunny landscape.
Coleus ‘Velveteen‘ There is drama written all over this gorgeous dark foliage beauty, its broad burgundy leaves with hot pink centers forming a densely branched, upright pillar perfect for thrilling combination containers and landscapes. Like all ColorBlaze® Coleus, it is bred to take the heat without losing its colour. Try this alternative to impatiens for shade, as it is resistant to downy mildew.
Portulaca ‘Mojave Fuchsia’ This durable and colorful flowering succulent blooms all summer long in juicy shades of tangerine, pink, red, fuchsia, and yellow without deadheading. Choose which color suits your color palette when you buy. The vivid blooms are a welcome sight especially in high summer when they really come into their own. This plant is a great choice for warm climates and poor, drier soils.